In the Fall of 2019 the City was selected by the National Fitness Campaign (NFC) as one of 200 locations nationwide to open the world’s best free outdoor gym — the Fitness Court®. The Fitness Court is an outdoor bodyweight circuit training system that provides a full-body workout to people of all ability levels. With 7 functional fitness zones, the Fitness Court can be used in thousands of ways. The National Fitness Campaign is one of the fastest-growing outdoor health and wellness networks in the country, now operating in over 75 cities and colleges across the Nation. By the end of 2020, the program will be thriving in over 400 communities across 40 states. 

On top of that, we are thrilled to announce that we have been designated the first Model City in the region, which means we will be installing five fitness courts throughout Escondido, and will be part of a greater network of Fitness Courts across the County and Southern California. The City Council approved a Capital Improvement Project in FY 2020-21 to build the next two fitness courts. 




The results are in and we are excited to announce the winners of the National Fitness Campaign Fitness Court Mural Contest.


Congratulations to Daisy Camacho and Zane for their winning designs! Daisy’s design is currently featured at the Kit Carson Park Court! Zane’s Old Escondido will be featured at the Library location coming summer 2022.


Thank you to everyone who voted and provided feedback.



The City of Escondido has been awarded the 2020 National Fitness Campaign Healthy Infrastructure Award in the distinct category of Innovation for cultivating

the most forward-thinking, unique and powerful strategy, idea or campaign element that can be shared as “best practice” to all Campaign partners in the following year.”

Read more about the award here.



Fitness Court Ambassador Program:
Want to make the City of Escondido a happier, healthier place to live?
Partner with the City and other health and wellness professionals to make fitness more accessible in our community. Ambassadors serve as a welcoming liaison and work with our team to organize fitness challenges, and workshops to keep our citizens actively engaged with this new resource. Needless to say they are an essential element that brings life and community into these courts.
Fitness Court Ambassadors Must meet the following criteria:
1. Be able to volunteer minimum of 10 times annually 
2. Have professional knowledge or experience in the fitness industry - No certification is required
3. Pass a Background Check


Interested in learning more? email us at




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Have fun, take free classes and get the most out of your Fitness Court workout with the official app of National Fitness Campaign. It’s like having a coach in your pocket!