Apply for a special event or film/photography permit

The City of Escondido hosts a variety of events each year from parades, community-focused festivals, to sporting tournaments.  Other special events include walks, street fairs, school events and fundraisers.

A Special Event Permit is required for any event that is outside the scope of normal services offered by the City. Please review the
Special Event Support Policy before submitting your application to learn about conditions and all other necessary information.


Types of Permits


Special Event Permit - This application covers examples such as parades, street fairs, runs/walks, bike rides, etc.

Filming/Photography Permit - Filming or photography that takes place in any City park, City facility, or City streets  (Please review the Filming Permit Policy before submitting your permit)

Encroachment Permit - Street closures, lane closures, traffic control, or impact to parking requires an encroachment permit.


Please contact us by email at or by phone at 760-839-4691 to check date availability and pricing.