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Park and Rec Month Community Events


Free Skate Sessions | Saturday July 3, 2021 |9 a.m. & 7:30 p.m. sessions| Skate Park

  • Drop in fee waived for the skate park during the first and last skate session of the day
  • Free goodies given out to participants


Family Pool Party | Saturday July 10 2021 | 12 - 4 p.m. | Washington Park Pool

  • Drop in fee waived for open swim
  • Games will be organized by the staff with prizes
  • Music will be playing
  • Free popsicles
  • Goody bags to be given out- one per family
  • Every family will be given a ticket and a free punch pass will be raffled off



Family Roller Skating Party | Saturday July 17, 2021 | 1:30 - 3:30pm | Sports Center

  • Drop in fee waived for roller skating
  • Free skate safety and skills lesson at 1:30pm
  • Music will be played- DJ Johnny P 
  • Free Swag item for each participant
  • Everyone will be given a ticket and a free punch pass will be raffled off


Tiny Tots Open House | Saturday July 17, 2021 |10 a.m. - 12 p.m. | Don Anderson Community Building

  • Classroom and playground open
  • Meet our Tiny Tots staff
  • Art/craft activity for kids


Open Gym Day | Saturday July 24, 2021 | 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Pickle Ball) l 1 - 4 p.m. (Basketball) | East Valley Community Center

  • Drop in fee waived for pickle ball and basketball
  • Goody bags will be given out
  • Everyone will be given a ticket and a free punch pass will be raffled off


Free Lap Swimming | Saturday July 31, 2021 |7 - 10 a.m.| James Stone Pool

  • Drop in fee waived for all session of lap swimming for the day


Front Counter Spin the Wheel | July 2021 (month long) | City Hall and East Valley Community Center Front Desks

  • Giveaway of Community Service merchandise all month long


Music Class Instructor Victoria Eicher | Contract Instructor

Our transition to online learning took place in a few stages. In May 2020, for me and the Assistant Director Mario Eguia to learn how to teach online, we started by offering free private lessons to some of our dedicated students. From there, we created a schedule with a few other teachers with online experience. We had a fantastic response and actually doubled our enrollment in the following sessions. The biggest factors are accessibility, connection, and affordability - especially for families with more than one young child and/or two working parents. Keeping classes under 10 students allowed us to create a connection with and have time for each student to play for the class. We are keeping the online model moving forward, even as we bring back in-person classes. Having in-person classes available at the Recreation Center this summer is wonderful in terms of space, convenience for families, and being part of the ongoing effort to provide educational enrichment and stability after such a challenging year of closures and isolation.


Alma Agustin | Mother of Scholarship Recipients

A mis hijos no sabían nadir y a ellos les a gustoso mucho aprender. A mí me ha gustado ver cómo han progresado en la natación, como les han ensenado los maestros, y la confianza de que pueden nadar solo. Ellos le tenían mucho miedo a el agua antes de ir a clases. Han estado yendo por muchos anos. Ellos empezaron desde el primer nivel y hora dos están en el último nivel. Uno de mis hijos tiene asma y me recomendaron natación y le ayudado mucho. Estar en el agua los de estresan y a ellos les encanta, por eso los llevo.


My children did not know how to swim and they have enjoyed learning so much. I enjoy seeing them progress in their swimming skills, seeing how the instructors teach them, and the comfort I feel that they can swim on their own. They were afraid of the water prior to attending classes. They have been going for years now. They started at the first level and now two of them have reached the last level. One of my kids has asthma and swimming was recommended which has really helped him. Being in the water de-stresses them and they enjoy it, that is why I continue to take them.


Ernesto “Ernie” Graulau | Lap Swim Participant

I have enjoyed the lap swimming, it is very pleasant. The water is heated and it is a great activity to start out my day with. I benefit from the pools by choosing a health lifestyle. I have health issues and swimming resolves every one of them. From my brain to my feet to my toes to my hearing to my vision, swimming is a complete and healthy work out that pumps me up and gets me going. The staff has been excellent, very pleasant and very courteous and amiable. I couldn’t be surrounded by nicer people. The facilities are well maintained and everyone is professional, and skilled at the art of pools. It is a very safe and reassuring way to make sure that all my bodily systems cooperate to help me prevent not only covid but other diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure or even mental issues. Swimming stimulates my brain and I am able to think clearly like the intelligent adult person I am. The pool is a 10 out of 10! I am so happy and blessed to be able to participate in the swimming program in Escondido. I swim as often as possible and as hard as I can and I have lost weight, improved my physique and my brain. Everything about swimming is a positive in my book.



Kenya Nunez | Senior Nutrition Staff

A new position was exciting and I was always happy to have a different experience every day. I am more of a hands on person which made this job my favorite thus far. I feel good about coming to work because I know what I am doing is appreciated by the community we serve. No one was for ready for what the past year brought us, I know many families struggled to be there for each other because of distance or health issues. A few of the seniors remind me of my own grandmothers and that got me thinking, “what if this was them?” and that stuck with me in the back of my head. What if no one was nearby or knew how they were getting their food. That is why I take it serious when a senior needs a meal or a little help getting groceries. I take pride in being that person to make their day a little easier.



Alan Duggan | PAL Volunteer Coach

Due to COVID-19 the PAL basketball program was not able to continue with practice or games in the gym, so we pivoted to a "Skills and Drills" program on the outdoor courts at Washington park. I felt that the continuation of PAL Basketball through "Skills and Drills" was extremely important to the kids physical and mental health during the pandemic. This program allowed kids to get out and move again and to interact with peers, as they had limited ability to do this a school, as playtime at recess was restricted, and PE was cancelled. For the kids this program was a much-needed outlet during a difficult time, and for many you could tell it was the highlight of their week!