Sponsorship (Sports Center)

We would like to thank our many sponsors for their involvement and support. Their generosity enables us to provide top-quality facilities and programs at affordable prices.

1 Out of 3 American Children Suffer From Obesity

Escondido Recreation is trying to draw attention to the growing crisis of kids (and adults) not "getting outside" enough to play/exercise and the associated physical and social problems. The ability to offer affordable, quality recreational programs, facilities, and parks in Escondido is a MUST to attract and retain productive and interactive, community-minded families.

You can help improve the health of Escondido residents, simply by sponsoring the highly popular Sports Center programs, while at the same time increase your business recognition too! Your support for the "Get Outside" program will provide more opportunity to those families most in need, by allowing the Sports Center soccer, hockey, and skate programs to remain the most affordable in Escondido.

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